Timken Helps Keep Young Minds In Motion With New Science Exhibit
May 15, 2019

It’s no secret that the exhibits and installations housed at the Great Lakes Science Center  (GLSC) offer some of the best opportunities in Northeast Ohio for kids and adults to have a hands-on learning experience. As a member of the organization’s board of directors, it only made sense for me to combine my work at Timken with GLSC’s mission to help STEM come alive in the minds of kids.

With the opening of GLSC’s latest exhibit, “Vroom! A Car Adventure,” children from all over can take a glimpse under the hood at how cars take them from point A to point B. Timken played a key role in the development of this exhibit, with much of our bearing technology on display to explain how vehicles move from gear to gear more easily and quietly than ever before.

Each day, Timken products keep the world in motion. To build a workforce of the future that will deliver more efficient, sustainable and innovative technologies, we also have a responsibility to keep the wheels turning in the minds of the next generation of engineers.

From swapping out engine parts to understanding how autonomous vehicles can become the future of driving, there’s something for everyone who visits Vroom! to enjoy. Timken’s involvement is about more than simply entertaining GLSC patrons. As we continue to build on our wealth of engineering knowledge, it’s only right that we share it with the world. The fastest way to innovate is to collaborate, and by sharing the tools to take our ideas to the next level, we’re helping to set the world up for continued success in the future.

I encourage you all to check out Vroom! while it’s still on display. The exhibit runs through Sept. 2 and you can find more information on GLSC’s website here.

Douglas H. Smith serves as vice president for tapered roller bearings at The Timken Company.

Named to this position in 2014, he is responsible for the company's tapered roller bearing product line and strategically aligning product management, product and process development, and engineering to deliver growth and improve the product line's competitiveness. Additionally, he has oversight of the company's global research and development efforts.