Groeneveld growing capabilities for more industries, customers
Aug 20, 2019

At Timken, when we talk about moving the world forward, we aren’t referring to a single point in time; it’s an ongoing effort. Our customers rely on our engineered bearings and power transmission products for the long haul, as their vehicles travel thousands of miles and their machinery operates hours on end. Just as important is the lubrication that ensures those systems function at the highest level over time.

Groeneveld, which Timken acquired in 2017, has a long history as the product of choice for the most demanding  lubrication applications for large off-highway equipment. The brand has a reputation in off-highway for ensuring equipment reliability in both hot and cold temperature extremes because of its unique product features. Based on price and performance, we believe there’s no lubrication system on the market that offers a better ROI.

Early on, we recognized an opportunity to apply Groeneveld’s expertise in automated lubrication systems to a broader range of vehicles and equipment. Why not give more of our customers the ability to save time and money by eliminating the maintenance required to manually lubricate machines and vehicles?

When we opened new R&D-focused facilities in India and Italy earlier this year, we freed up a number of design engineers to develop products for different equipment in new markets. As a result of their efforts, we developed two new lubrication pumps that will begin production in November with an anticipated launch of next year. These systems are meant for the most-demanding applications, ensuring that regardless of greasing length, temperature or pressure, the lubricant can always be fed to the required points. The systems will be the most comprehensive on the market, with the widest range of application solutions under one packaged product. This will give end users the most options available both pre- and post-fit.

These product expansions will allow us to make a greater impact in the on-highway market. And we recently started exploring industrial markets with the development of new small- to medium-sized self-fit lubrication kits.

Our growth in these markets is sustained not only by our R&D facilities, but also a new assembly facility in Dayton, Ohio, streamlined logistics across the United States, and expansion into new markets like Mexico and the Middle East. We’re applying Timken’s expertise to help us deliver more complete solutions to our customers all around the globe.

Groeneveld’s vision to expand its product range is fueled by our increase in R&D resources, which is helping to reduce our time to market. That, combined with our focus in expanding to new markets, is allowing the brand to continue playing a crucial role in keeping equipment in motion. Together, the brands under our umbrella are coming together to develop the most innovative systems and solutions available across industries and around the world.

Richard Butler is President of Groeneveld at The Timken Company.