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Timken Wins New Mining Customer in China
Innovative solution improves customer's performance

CANTON, Ohio, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) today announced a new customer in China, Jixi Coal Mine Machinery Company (Jixi CMMC), one of the country's largest manufacturers of underground mining machinery. Timken supplies its tapered roller bearings for a wide range of cutting heads on shearers used by Jixi CMMC.

This new business relationship was the result of Timken's ability to provide not only a new bearing product, but training and design recommendations that improved the overall performance of Jixi's equipment.

Jixi CMMC turned to Timken because of problems with electric haulage shearers. Haulage shearers are used to cut into the earth and extract coal in underground mining operations. Bearings are used in the cutting-head section of the shearers to rotate the blades.

Timken's analysis showed that the original-equipment spherical bearings, which were not manufactured by Timken, were unable to withstand the loads of the application. The result was frequent bearing or seal failure and, consequently, end-user complaints.

To provide a solution, Timken utilized its global technology resources and determined that power-dense, debris-resistant tapered roller bearings would be a better fit for the shearers and eliminate costly downtime for the customer. Timken then worked with Jixi CMMC to improve the shearers' design for maximum performance with tapered bearings and provided training on the use and maintenance of the bearings.

"Our goal is always to improve a customer's total performance by applying what we know about friction management," said Jason Zhu, general industry sales manager, Timken. "From products to engineering to training, we were able to do that with Jixi CMMC and ultimately, that improved their customers' performance as well."

Since its entry into China in 1992, The Timken Company has brought to China its state-of-the-art products and technology as well as innovation to international and local customers. With China headquarters in Shanghai, Timken has an established network of seven sales offices in major cities. The company has invested in five large-scale manufacturing sites, a logistics center and an engineering training center to better serve its Chinese customers. With 3,500 employees in China, Timken is committed to providing expertise in friction management and power transmission in this region.

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