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Timken Expands Round Bar Capabilities

CANTON, Ohio - June 15, 2006 -- The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) today announced that it has expanded its rolled carbon and alloy steel round bar capabilities to a maximum diameter of 13 inches, an increase of one inch. The rolled bar, developed for specific applications, features a consistent diameter along the full length of the bar, which will significantly improve the cutting of tight mult weights relative to using tapered cast ingots. Timken's 13-inch round bar has more hot work than cast ingots and will allow for a more aggressive upset.

Timken is the only domestic U.S. manufacturer to roll 13-inch round bar and can produce it in lengths up to 26 feet. The longer bar lengths will help reduce material handling by the customer and minimize testing costs. "At Timken, we are focused on expanding our capabilities to improve our customers' performance," said Rick Brown, director of advanced product and new business development for Timken's Steel Group. "This is why we are a leader in the industry. We listen to what customers want and then deliver the innovations that create real value."

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The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR, keeps the world turning, with innovative ways to make customers' products run smoother, faster and more efficiently. Timken's highly engineered bearings, alloy steels and related products and services turn up everywhere. With operations in 27 countries, sales of $5.2 billion in 2005 and 27,000 employees, Timken is Where You Turn™ for better performance.

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